Cut Thru: a Mastermind for Creative Men

Cut Thru

  a Mastermind for Creative Men


Cut Thru // not // Cut Throat


For men who care, who create, who can’t wait any longer to achieve creative success.



Cut Thru is an 8-week mastermind for male creatives and craftsmen who want to heal their masculine and achieve creative success.  Learn self-discipline and self-regulation through daily embodied mindfulness practices and accountability from other men.


WHO:  Men or anyone who wants to heal their relationship with the masculine.  Creatives such as artists, writers, body workers, or performers. Perhaps you came from a dysfunctional family, or creativity or emotions were actively dismissed or discouraged.  Find your self-discipline, be unapologetic for emotional awareness, cut through your scatterfuck, and get paid well for your purpose.


HOW: Everything starts with the body and the mind.  For those of us who grew up in chaos, where emotionality and creativity were actively blocked or discouraged as boys, we lost out twice (at least).  For one, we didn’t learn how to emotionally self-regulate.  Second, the emotions and creativity that simply could not be blocked, reared their ugly heads – now we refuse to wait any longer to achieve our creative success.

HOW the Zoom Classes Work/Weekly Curriculum:  
Weekly 90-minute zoom call, with individualized attention.

Hot-seat coaching gives each attendee a chance to coach and be coached.

Exercises and resources on how to self-regulate as an adult (or “an adult child”)

Each class begins with a grounding meditation or breathwork exercise, which then becomes the daily homework for that week.  

Work on our physical/spiritual alignment feeds into our creative success.
Build daily accountability, both from the lead coach & from accountability buddy.

Practical creative entrepreneurship tips like: branding, messaging, website, social media.  Learn the basics of building out a product line, launching a successful kickstarter etc.


WHY ME?  No other man on earth has my same quirky credentials.  I’ve been studying meditation and mindfulness since I was a teenager. I’ve studied nonviolent communication, authentic relating, and conflict resolution.  I’m certified as a 200-hr yoga practitioner with a focus on emotional blockage treatment.  I’ve done an ironman and a 20,000 mile journey entirely on a unicycle. I’ve run several successful 4- and 5-figure kickstarters for projects, and produced 4- and 5-figure murals for corporate clients. I’ve pursued and gotten paid for welding, sewing, woodworking, carpentry, mural arts, creating and marketing card games and children’s books, and creative coaching.  I’m what they call “a renaissance man.”  And until now, I’ve taken sick pride in being totally lost in the tool shed of my own pursuits.  I’ve sifted through my strange variety of passions, and waded through my own bullshit – and SURVIVED – in order to share my story with you all.  I’m here to offer you up the value of tapping into your stillness and self-discipline – your inner masculine – in order to find focus, clarity, and creative purpose.


WHO are we:  We’re a strange breed, creative men.  Our access to the divine feminine grants us the ability to feel and understand, and therefore create with finesse.  Our sensitivity sets us apart from other men, probably even alienating us.  We may identify as straight, gay, or another variety, but we certainly don’t fit into the typical understanding of masculine.  

Why do we feel lost or scattered? 

Because we have not yet fully tapped into the masculine gift of focus.  

Focus combines with action to deliver all of our gifts to the world.  What good is expressing ourselves in color or shape if we can’t penetrate our own bullshit enough to share it with the world?  What good is being sensitive and tapped into a raw experience of energy or emotion or creation, if we can’t then step forward bravely to deliver it to the world?


RESULTS:  Outer accountability breeds inner accountability.  When we reflect each other’s scattered mess, excuses, and trauma, and offer clarity, it leads us to taking ownership of it.  We encourage men to fully embrace their emotional-sensitive-creative selves to unapologetic levels, and take full ownership.  And then the truth remains: no amount of sensitivity or expression or creativity, no matter how crucial these are on their own, ever puts you on the map.  What puts us on the map is focus over time.  Building habits which create inner stillness and curiosity and help you find clarity.  When you get the balls to act on that clarity, that becomes your purpose. Oh and what happens when you act on your purpose?  People pay you for it.  Really well.